Mexican Vihuela Kit/Bundle

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Product Overview

La Tradición is proud to offer accessories kits to make your life easier. Get everything you need for your instrument with one simple solution!

Our custom vihuela kit includes a La Tradición Chromatic Mariachi Tuner, one set of Delgado Vihuela Signature Strings Light Tension (Black), a D'Andrea 1200 classical strap, three Delgado Custom Finger Picks, and a cleaning cloth. Additional details on some items below.

With our custom bundle pricing, you'll save over 21% off retail prices, excluding shipping costs.

Buy now to get the most out of your vihuela, and know you've made a smart choice by shopping with La Tradición.

In order for tradition to exist, it must first be created.


La Tradición Chromatic Mariachi Tuner

From the guitarrón and vihuela, to violin, guitar, harp and golpe, this tuner has a bracket and clip designed to fit them all.

  • Tuning mic and sensor
  • Built in metronome
  • Chromatic
  • Adjustable, durable bracket
  • Uses CR2032 battery (included)
  • Larger, easy to read LED screen


Delgado Vihuela Signature Strings Light Tension (Black)

  • Custom Delgado Vihuela strings designed by Manuel Delgado.
  • A balanced sound, good tension and longer lasting tone makes these strings a great value.
  • (Light tension) Black


D'Andrea 1200 Classical Guitar, Vihuela, Ukulélé, Golpe Strap

  • Vinyl with String
  • Economy Model
  • Perfect for entry level


Delgado Custom Finger Picks

Another product brought to you by Delgado Guitars
Where others are not willing to create these products because they are not a "profitable item", we did it ourselves because we care about kids having the tools they need for success.

  • Available in Blue, Green, and Dark Grey. Select one color or get a mix of all three.
  • Size customization: select small, medium, or large for all three picks.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review