Delgado 3764 Highway 51 2020

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Product Overview

This guitar was handmade by Manuel Delgado here at our shop in Nashville Tennesse. The top is 400 year old Honduran Mahogany, the neck is Maple with an African Ebony fretboard. It is a chambered body with gold appointments, and a Bigsby.

These guitars have Alder bodies and a unique 3-chamber construction, removing weight and giving this guitar model a unique tone.

Capturing that unique tone is a single custom Filter’Tron pickup at the neck position, designed and produced according to Ray Butt’s original specifications. This includes all of the original bells and whistles like the vintage pole spacing, covers, zinc-coated backplate used by classic 1950’s hollow-body models and more. This Filter’Tron offers a tight bass response and a beautiful chime from the top strings.

Like all our guitars this one is professionally set up here at the shop to ensure intonation and great playability.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review