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"La Tradición is the result of the Delgado family business that survived by following the model of making friends, not customers.

In 2006, Manuel A. Delgado, third generation old world luthier and owner of Delgado Guitars began La Tradición with the goal of creating quality, handmade musical instruments at an affordable price. With over 80 years of history, Delgado creates a brand that is like no other.

From the authentic instruments and innovative accessories, to his top notch services and “customer first” philosophy, La Tradición has made a name in the world of Mariachi and Latin instruments. Delgado's approach is simple – do everything with our customer in mind. He knows that musicians want affordable quality and an instrument that will not just have amazing tone, but is built with integrity. Manuel Delgado makes it a point to listen to students, teachers, administrators and our musical public to make sure that we know what you love, what you don’t like and what you wish you had. It is this that drives the products and accessories as well as the services he offers.

Keep current with us on Facebook and you’ll be among the first to know as Manuel launches new products, offer seminars and clinics, teaching aids, and video tutorials that range from music lessons to lectures and repair tips. Learn more about what makes Delgado unique and support small business."